Lazy Gluten Free: Quinoa and Veggie Bento Bowl

Quinoa and Veggie Bento Bowl

Before I dive in, I have to say 'thank you' for continuing to visit my site even though I have not updated it in over a year. My life has been a whirlwind over that period with lots of changes and almost zero time for myself. I made the decision to forgo updating Lazy Gluten Free in order to retain some semblance of sanity. I did not shut it down however, because I still get several thousand views per month. So to all of you who have kept LGF alive in my absence - THANK YOU. My plan is to post periodically, aka, when I can. Hopefully at least twice a month. I plan to not spend as much time on each post, so forgive my picture quality and lack of stories with every post. But hey, you'll at least get some new recipes, so give me some grace here. :)

----and now for the food----

Recently, we took a trip to Minnesota to visit my sister (who has since moved back to Michigan!). While there, we stopped in at this delicious restaurant, Quarks American Bento. All of their ingredients were 100% fresh and real, AND everything was gluten free! I quickly dubbed it as my new favorite restaurant. They really need to bring one to Michigan. 

Anyway, so that is what gave me the idea for this recipe. Your first layer is your grain (quinoa, rice, etc.), next is your protein, add next whatever veggies sound good, and then top with a dressing of sorts. So easy, and SO good. Below is my version, but you can easily swap out what ever veggies, grain, protein, and dressing you prefer!

Quinoa and Veggie Bento Bowl

    Fresh Broccoli, steamed
    Package of shredded coleslaw
    1 cup cooked quinoa
    1 cooked chicken breast, diced
    Crumbled Feta, to taste
    Ranch dressing (or whatever dressing sounds good)

1) Put quinoa into the bottom of a bowl.
2) Top with diced chicken
3) Top with veggies
4) Add feta and dressing, to your preference.

That's it! Enjoy the protein-packed deliciousness!

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