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Lazy Gluten Free was founded on the belief that living with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance does not have be difficult or require eating tasteless and unpleasant food.

I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2008 while I was still in college, and being a lazy girl even then, I was not thrilled to have to overhaul my entire lifestyle. At the time there were not nearly as many great resources out there as is the case now. I learned the hard way to be diligent about the products I consumed and started to focus on what I could actually have. 

I began to modify some of the recipes that I had loved prior to my diagnosis, and discovered along the way that I had a knack for it. So with my husband's urging, I started my blog, Lazy Gluten Free (previously A Lazy Girl's Guide to Living Gluten Free). What started as an outlet for me to simply share my adventures, recipes and findings with others, has evolved into my want to connect with the GF community and let others know that being gluten free does not mean being deprived. 

At this point in my gluten free journey, I have to honestly say that I wouldn't change my diagnosis for anything. I have been blessed to learn so much about myself, be able to connect with so many wonderful people, and I wouldn't have been able to start this blog - which has been so beyond rewarding for me. 

Since I also work full time as a commercial credit analyst, I am always on the hunt for simple and easy recipes to modify. That's primarily what you will find here on my blog, although occasionally I will post some more involved recipes (when I have some extra time on the weekend to make them). 

In addition to cooking, I love crocheting, watching movies, crafting, and spending time with my amazing husband, Steven. Steven also shares in taking the pictures for Lazy Gluten Free, and he is the master taste-tester. Although, generally he's like a garbage disposal and will eat anything ;)

Want to know more? Just ask! In the meantime, don't be a stranger, I'd love to hear your story too. 

Kind Regards,
Andrea Joy

A Lazy Girl's Philosophy
Living gluten-free definitely has its ups and downs, so to get me through, these are the words I live by...which have sort of become my motto's...

* Gluten-free is NOT deprived

* We have Celiac Disease, but Celiac does not have us

* Forget the measuring cups and have a little fun sometimes

* Life is short, always eat dessert first, and often

* When in doubt, don't eat it

* Everything happens for a reason

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