Lazy Gluten Free: Lazy Girl Update

Lazy Girl Update

You have likely noticed that I haven't really done much on my blog lately. Well, as an understatement, it's been a crazy past several months. My boss went on maternity leave last October, leaving me in charge of my department. I was pretty excited about this opportunity, but the second she left, we got beyond busy. And if that wasn't enough, we acquired another bank, which involved a lot of training and even more work. Needless to say, I had zero energy left by the time I got home. 

My goal was to get back to blogging in March, but then things continued to be crazy. April brought me a car accident (I was fine, thankfully) and my husband getting into a bad mountain biking accident. He had a concussion and broke his collar bone in six places! He ended up having surgery a week later and is doing great now. Shortly after Steven's surgery, I took a couple weeks off to help my dad recover from a full knee replacement. 

Now that things are FINALLY starting to settle down, I am trying to get back into a routine. We've been eating a lot of super quick and easy staple recipes, and not too many new ones. Even if there was a new one, I simply have not had the time or energy to take pictures, edit them, and even consider coming up with something to write. So, I apologize for the several month hiatus, but I am happy to say that now that my life is getting back to some form of normal, I can resume blogging! I'm still working on getting a schedule down, but bear with me, I'll get there. :)

Thanks for your continued support while I disappeared for awhile. You all are my motivation for keeping LGF up and running.

Andrea Joy 

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