Lazy Gluten Free: Lazy Girl, Lately.

Lazy Girl, Lately.

Okay, so I know that my posts have been pretty few lately, and I apologize for that. To mitigate any concerns you may have that LGF is going away, I figured I'd give you an update: LGF is NOT going away. 

I have been struggling lately with trying to balance my home and work life, and adding my blog in there has been a challenge. If you are familiar at all with running a food blog, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. It takes a lot of time to find and plan recipes, make the food, make it actually look good, take pictures, edit the pictures, prepare the post, and share all over the world wide web. It's a lot of fun, but definitely takes a good chunk of time.

One of the reasons things have been challenging lately is that my husband started a new job a couple weeks ago (yay!), so we have been going through a major adjustment. These things take some time, and I finally feel like I'm starting to get used to our new schedule. 

On top of all that, I have been SO TIRED all the time. Seriously you guys, I get plenty of sleep and I still drag. My thyroid is still in remission, so that's all good. I've had several other things checked (my cortisol levels, vitamins/nutrients, etc.) and everything has come back normal. At this point, I'm chalking it up to allergies, since they've been horrendous this year. Plus now we're going through another season change. If any of you are from Michigan, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Spring and fall here can be really rough for allergy sufferers. 

Recently, I decided to go dairy-free as well to see if that would help at all with my fatigue. I have minor issues when I consume dairy anyway (especially milk and yogurt), so going dairy-free can't hurt. Dairy can cause cross-reactivity if you are celiac/gluten intolerant, thus this is a good option to explore. I've been DF for about a week and a half now, and although I'm still fatigued, my pants fit a little better and I feel somewhat better overall. I would say that's a small win :)

There you have it, my life lately. I am not discontinuing LGF, just simply going through a re-adjustment. I'm still updating my social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), and trying to respond to emails when I can find a spare moment. Just bear with me for a little bit and I promise we'll be back in full-swing soon!

Thank you all for your love and support. You guys are the best. XOXO

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