Lazy Gluten Free: Date Night

Date Night

If you are frugal, like me, then you can appreciate a date night spent at home. Sure, we could have gone out and enjoyed the restaurant atmosphere and the $50 bill...but we opted to enjoy the summer before it ends by grilling some steaks, which were only $6, thank you.
Although this is not a revolutionary gluten-free meal by any means, it was still super easy and delicious. 

The steak was grilled, by my wonderful husband, to perfection as always. We seasoned the steaks beforehand with some garlic and onion powder.

For our sides we enjoyed baby spinach with Marzetti's Sweet Italian dressing topped with mozzarella cheese and baby bella mushrooms. We also had Hungry Jack instant yukon gold mashed potatoes (my fav).

As for wine, I enjoyed my new-found favorite, Barefoot Sweet Red Moscato.This wine is very much like Barefoot's White Moscato, but with more of a fruit flavor. Perfect for a summer evening.

All in all, it was a very delicious, gluten-free dinner with a reasonable price tag. Now go try that won't disappoint.

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  1. I LOVE barefoot! They are such a delicious but affordable wine. Sounds delish!